Corby Town F.C. – The History of the Steelmen

Corby Town Football Club is an English football club that is located in Corby in Northamptonshire. They are also known as ‘The Steelmen’ due to their link with the steel company Stewarts & Lloyds and are members of the Northern Premier League for the season of 2016-2017. Their home games are played at Steel Park.

The History

Corby was represented by the steelworks company Stewarts and Lloyd in the 1930s, but as any self-respecting English town, they decided that the expanding town could accommodate their very own independent football club and this is how Corby Town was established. Their very first official game was played at Occupation Road in 1948 and that remained their home until 1985. They proved their mettle when they won the 1950-51United Counties League Championship and defended the title the next year. These successes pushed them up the ladder of the Midland Football League in 1952. After five seasons they switched to Southern League.


After being relegated from the Premier Division in 1968, they were part of Division 1 until 1982 when they were placed in the new-look Premier Division. They were relegated again in 1990 and moved to a new home at the Rockingham Triangle sports complex and they had a tough time trying to stay in the Southern League. However, since the year 2002, the club has seen a reverse in fortunes and they have made a return to the Southern League Premier Division.

The club has also seen a series of managers come and go as the club fared badly against other teams. Managers Graham Drury, Ian Sampson, Chris Plummer, Mark Peters, duo Andrew Wilson and Tommy Wright and finally Tommy Wright who became sole manager all held the positions of manager of this club from 2007 – present.

The club has seen a wave of ups and downs and has enjoyed good successes as well as dismal performances by their players. Since their inception, the Corby Town F.C. has put up a good show and has had more or less a steady presence in the Premier League which definitely makes them high caliber football material. Many people may not know of the team or the town, but their results show that they are definitely something to watch out for.


Their logo is quite simple and shows a shield of black and white stripes in one half and a silhouette of a person holding some mining instrument. Their home colors of their uniforms reflects their logo and they wear white and black uniforms with a white and black striped shirt for their home games and pink and black for their away games.

Their games have drawn a considerable number of supporters which reached a peak number of 2000 in 2009. This is saying a lot for a town that has barely 60,000 people. The amounts of spectators are gradually increasing in a country where football is the main craze and supporting the home team is the thing to do. Founded in 1948, the club plays their home games in the Steel Park grounds which can seat 3,893 people.

As of today, the chairman of the Corby Town F.C. is Stevie Noble and the team manager is Tommy Wright. Their club pays in the Southern Football League Premier Division and of 2015-2016 they are in the national North League, 22nd (Relegated). The club also nurtures local talent and this is shown by the promotion of Paul Malone to captaincy of the team and also the appointment and addition of 18 year old Connor Kennedy to the team who claimed it purely on merit.

I thought I kept my football dream hidden – but you can’t really fool your parents. Ever since that day, she would take time out from her busy schedule to drive me to the training grounds at Lodge Park every Thursday and I would kick around my ball there.

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