Fan Websites of Corby Town F.C.

Corby town F.C. has its fair share of supporters and fans and as with any football club in England, there has to be a bunch of fan websites for the club. In keeping with the national craze that follows the sport of football, Corby Town F.C. has a few dedicated websites that keep up to date with the club’s achievements, related news, information and more for any Corby Town F.C. enthusiast.

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  • Corby Town F.C. : The first on the list is the official website of the Corby Town F.C. this website takes the visitor into an introduction of the team, the various upcoming events that may interest the visitors. You have the history of the club given in one section; you have tweets posted by Corby town F.C. fans, players and management too. You have updates on current events which are organized by the board of directors of the Club to attract local businesses and potential sponsors to invest in the club. Also, posts regarding volunteers needed for matches are put up to invite interested people who want to be part and parcel and want to be an integral part of the club’s future events. Watch videos of their latest matches or find out business opportunities and ways to involve your kids in the sport at the club.
  • com: The Corby town F.C. has their own page at Pitchero. Get the team’s training times, the venues of where they train and who’s playing on the team from here. Get all the information on the team and fans can even join in for a game or two. Corby Town fans can head over to Lodge Park for a kick about every Thursday evening to play Fans 5-a-side.
  • The As the website itself says, it is “The Electrofanzine of Corby Town F.C.” It has a dedication spot that states, “This site is dedicated to those masochistic souls who follow the Steelmen home and away: the few, the proud, the criminally insane… mon the STEELMEN!” As you can tell from this site – this team has proud supporters and fans that follow the matches wherever the team plays. Also acting as a social page, it has jokes uploaded by various fans to add that touch of humor, articles and posts that raise several issues and ideas on how to address them, discussions of various problems that the club was facing a few years back. However, it doesn’t seem that the website was updated recently.

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  • Facebook fan page: As with any club, group, company or sports game, there has to be at least one page on Facebook. This is one of the largest social networking sites in the world with over a billion users. This means that the club gets visibility to a huge number of people wherever they may be in the world. Get the contact information, address of where the team works out and trains, best video clips of the club’s performance, photographs of the latest events supported by organizers and club related partners and more. Posts on volunteer requirements, board meetings, ticket sales, match scores are all posted here. Running up to date scores and events, you would want to visit this page for all the info on the team. Find out when their next match will be scheduled for, where it will be played and the players that have been signed on for current seasons.

It seems that Corby F.C. is in for some good times ahead which they will deserve especially with the various issues that have dogged the club for a few years. For player payment issues to player performances, to the musical chairs of managers, the club has been through all that and more.

I thought I kept my football dream hidden – but you can’t really fool your parents. Ever since that day, she would take time out from her busy schedule to drive me to the training grounds at Lodge Park every Thursday and I would kick around my ball there.

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