1. Who is the current manager of Corby Town F.C.?

Tommy Wright is the current manager of the Corby Town Football Club. He has taken over the reins after he co-managed the team with Andrew Wilson. Previously, the club saw a series of managers come and go as the club fared badly against other teams. Managers Graham Drury, Ian Sampson, Chris Plummer, Mark Peters, duo Andrew Wilson and Tommy Wright all held the positions of manager of this club from 2007 – present.

  1. When was the Club founded?

The Corby Town F.C. was founded in 1948. Previously the team was represented by the steelworks side Stewarts & Lloyds from the 1930s onwards.

  1. What is their nickname?

Their nickname is The Steelmen and they are more popularly known by this name by their many fans. This name was derived from the link with Stewarts & Lloyds.

  1. Who is their chairman?

The chairman of this club is Stevie Noble. He took over from Kevin Ingram after a whole series of controversies dogged the team. Many people were not happy with Kevin Ingram and demanded his resignation.

  1. How has the team performed in various matches?

The team has seen both the rise and fall as they continuously are promoted and relegated from the top Divisions of the Premier League. After being relegated in the 2012-13 playoffs in the Conference North League, they bounced back up to be promoted in the Southern Football League Premier Division after the team came 1st out of 23. They have seen some very good players join the team.

  1. Can fans of the Corby Town F.C. meet their players?

Yes, the players train every Thursday and fans are encouraged to come to the grounds to practice and play a few games. This also allows the club to assess any new faces that could be potential players for the team as well as keep the fans connected to the team. This ensures continued interest in the club.

  1. What are the prices of tickets for The Steelmen games?

If you want to watch The Steelmen in action, you can shell out £10 or £15. All the tickets can be purchased from the club Shop at Steel Park.

  1. Could you tell me more about Steel Park?

Steel Park is the home grounds for the players of Corby Park F.C. The Steelmen play in their home colors of black and white when a match is scheduled to be played in their home turf. The Steel Park can house 3,893 people with 2,152 covered and 577 seated.

  1. Are there many fans for this club?

That goes without saying. Any football team in England has its own share of die-hard fans that will follow the team to their matches, whether played at home or elsewhere. With football being a sport that has many crazed fans, it is very easy to say that they are many fans for this club. You just need to go online to check out the comments and the various supporters voice their opinions and give words of praise and encouragement for the team.