Recent News and Controversies Regarding Corby Town F.C.

As with any team or club, Corby Town F.C. does not come without its share of issues and controversies. Since its inception in 1948, it had smooth sailing until the late 1960s. The club has seen highs and lows – from being promoted to the top division of the Southern Premier League to being relegated like a yoyo, this club has seen some great and dismal performances from its players.

But as with any club, the players are put under a lot of pressure, but a huge part of the success as well as the losses are reflected on the managers of the club. The club has seen the role of manager changing hands like musical chairs with 6 people acting in managerial capacity in an 8 year period. That is lot for any club and also raises the question of stability within the club. By no means is the club comparable to Manchester United or Liverpool, but the Corby Town F.C. is by no means a small player – they are definitely a force to contend with.


Their fan base is strong and their loyal following keeps a track of their matches with several supporters travelling to different places to watch them play. As any sports person will tell you – a lot of how the team performs also depends upon the fans. When you hear the deafening roars of the fans’ support for your team, you feel galvanized to do better and bring home the trophy to make them proud. A team is not just the players or management; it is also the area that they represent. A win is a proud notch for many towns’ people and a loss is something they all feel.

But Corby Town F.C. has been in the news and has had negative publicity regarding not only the managerial roles but also cut backs on player’s pay checks.  Back in 2014 when Tommy Wright and Andrew Wilson were the managerial dup, they had to face a lot of questions to the press with answers they themselves did not have. There were financial issues and player payment problems, but none of these issues were addressed, discussed or explanations offered and definitely with no apology from the club’s chairman.

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This in itself caused huge problems within the club as 7 of the senior players left for greener pastures. This sparked a huge debate for many people who thought that the players should have stayed with the club through thick and thin. But there are always two sides to every story and the bottom line is that bills have to be paid and the players have to feel appreciated. If you stay with the club and no explanations or apologies are given in regards to the serious issues that are raised, it will question any player’s loyalty.

This tore the squad apart with the remaining members unsure of when their next pay check will arrive – if at all. These issues clouded the performance of the players as the squad was severely weakened, but the players gave their best for the managers and enjoyed a few victories over other clubs. There were also protests staged against the chairman Kevin Ingram to get him out of office.

Recent years have seen the Club enjoy a new beginning and a brighter future for many young players. The team has been encouraging local players and adding them to the team, giving the town another reason to feel proud of the Club. They have also signed on a new Goalie plus other players which shows that the club is doing well to be able to afford to get new players from various clubs around the country. This just shows that through thick and thin, the Steelmen prevail.

I thought I kept my football dream hidden – but you can’t really fool your parents. Ever since that day, she would take time out from her busy schedule to drive me to the training grounds at Lodge Park every Thursday and I would kick around my ball there.

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